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Bộ điều khiển hình ảnh Video Wall Controller TRICOLOR SERVER APOLLO PRO-V4

Model: APOLLO PRO-V4,  Hades380, SmartKake V2-UH

Xuất xứ: China

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Bộ điều khiển hình ảnh Video Wall Controller TRICOLOR APOLLO PRO-V4

Class2U, 4U, 10U, 16U, 28U
WeightAccording to size
PowerAccording to size, redundant power support
ShockISTA 1A
Install19-inch cabinet with mounting accessories
Operating Temperature0℃~40℃ (32°F~104°F)
Strorage Temperature-10℃~60℃ (14°F~140°F
Video Input 



Single-link DVI 1920×1200@60Hz; Dual-link DVI 3840×2400@30Hz,Multi-viewSupport
 2560×1600@60HzAudio interface 3.5mm (with tieline);
 1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30HzVideo ProcessingLossless Zooming



Resolution of HDMI 1.4 up to 3840×2160@30Hz;Embed audioSignal PreviewSupport
 Resolution of HDMI 1.3 up to 1920×1080@60Hz; Embed audioVideo MirroringSupport HDMI/IP output; Up to 60fps;
 1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30HzSignal ControlSupport RealControl signal control; Optional


Display Port

3840×2400@30Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz;Ultra HDCompatible with NVIDIA® MosaicTM and AMD® EyefinityTM;
 downward compatibility;Support PIXEL TO PIXEL
 1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30Hz
Video Output 



Signal FormatDVI-IFrame SyncSupport
Connector24+5 Pin/DVI-IBackground imageUltra-high resolution
Resolution1024×768@60Hz ~ 1920×1080@60HzIP StreamingSupport
Scrolling TextUp to 128
CharactersuperpositionSupport Customization
Input scaleUp to 160 ports (1080p)PortTCP / IP 10 / 100 / 1000Base-T, RJ45*1
RS232/485 (RJ45 type), RJ45 *2
ScaleOutput scaleUp to 160 portsControl protocolTRICOLOR® protocol
Switched160~1560 GbpsCentral controlSupport central control module (serial port, infrared interface, relay control intreface,ect.)

Bộ điều khiển hình ảnh Video Wall Controller TRICOLOR Hades380

H3-2U2U Chassis, Support 2 Input Slots & 2 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel
H3-4U4U Chassis, Support 4 Input Slots & 4 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel
H3-8U8U Chassis, Support 8 Input Slots & 9 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel, Support Redundant Power Supply, Come with 1 Power Parts
H3-14U14U Chassis, Support 16 Input Slots & 18 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel, Support Redundant Power Supply, Come with 2 Power Parts
H3-20U20U Chassis, Support 32 Input Slots & 18 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel, Support Redundant Power Supply, Come with 2 Power Parts, No Dual-link Input
H3-28U28U Chassis, Support 32 Input Slots & 36 Output Slots, Support 2 Windows per Output Channel, Support Redundant Power Supply, Come with 2 Power Parts, Support 36 Channels Dual-Link Input

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Signal FormatRGBHV/YPbPrSignal FormatDVI-D digital T.M.D.S. signal in DVI 1.0Signal FormatHDMI 1.3
Physical Connector15 pin D-sub(DB15/DE-15F)/ FemalePhysical Connector24+5 pins/DVI-IPhysical ConnectorHDMI TYPE A
Maximum Resolution1920×1200@60HzMaximum Resolution1920×1200@60HzResolution1920×1200@60Hz
RGB SynchronizationSeparate SyncSignal LevelT.M.D.S 2.9V-3.3VMaximum Data Rate4.95Gbps
Reference Level0.7 Vp-pMaximum Data Rate4.95GbpsEDID ManagementYes
Signal FormatSDI SMPTE 259M/292M/424MSignal FormatComposite VideoSignal FormatDisplayPort 1.1
Physical ConnectorBNC/FemalePhysical ConnectorBNC/FemalePhysical ConnectorDisplayPort
Resolution1920×1080Resolution720×576(PAL)720×480(NTSC)Resolution2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30Hz
Loop ThroughYesReference Level1 Vp-pMaximum Data Rate10.8Gbps
Signal FormatDual-link DVISignal FormatHDMI 1.4Signal FormatHDBaseT
Physical Connector24+5 pins/DVI-IPhysical ConnectorHDMI Type APhysical ConnectorRJ45/Female
Resolution2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30HzResolution2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30HzResolution1920*1200@60Hz
Impedance50ΩImpedanceYESTransmission Distance100m
Maximum Data Rate9.90GbpsMaximum Data Rate10.2GbpsFront-end DeviceHDBaseT Transmitter
Signal FormatFiber OpticFormatH.264/MPEG4
Physical ConnectorLCProtocolRTSP
Transmission Distance5KMConnectorRJ45
Front-end DeviceTRIF-HFT-500-TXCapacity (per card)D1*36、720p*16、1080p@30 *8、1080p@60 *4
Signal FormatDVI-ISignal FormatHDMI 1.3Signal FormatComposite Video
Physical Connector15 pin D-sub(DB15/DE-15F)/ FemalePhysical ConnectorHDMI TYPE APhysical ConnectorBNC/Female
Maximum Resolution1920×1200@60HzResolution1920×1200@60HzResolution720×576(PAL)720×480(NTSC)
Signal LevelT.M.D.S 2.9V-3.3VMaximum Data Rate4.95GbpsReference Level1 Vp-p
Maximum Data Rate4.95GbpsSignal LevelT.M.D.S 2.9V-3.3VCompatibilityOnly On Hades 380
Signal FormatYPbPr Component EIA-770.2-ASignal FormatHDBaseTSignal FormatSDI SMPTE 259M/292M/424M
Physical ConnectorRCAPhysical ConnectorRJ45/FemalePhysical ConnectorBNC/Female
Resolution720×576,720×480,1280*720 ,1920×1080Resolution1920*1200@60HzResolution1920×1080
Impedance75ΩTransmission Distance100mImpedance75Ω
CompatibilityOnly On Hades 380Back-end DeviceHDBaseT TransmitterOutput MirroringYes
Signal FormatFiber OpticSignal FormatDual-link DVISignal FormatHDMI 1.4
Physical ConnectorLCPhysical Connector24+5 pins/DVI-IPhysical ConnectorHDMI Type A
Resolution1920*1080@60HzResolution2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30HzResolution2560*1600@60Hz, 3840*2160@30Hz
Transmission Distance5KMImpedance50ΩPixel Clock330M
Back-end DeviceTRIF-HFT-500-TXMaximum Data Rate9.90GbpsMaximum Data Rate10.2Gbps
ModelChasicDimension (mm)W x H x DInput SlotsOutput Slots
HADES 3802U438 x 89 x 38022
4U438 x 178 x 38044
8U438 x 356 x 38089
14U438 x 623 x 3801618
20U438 x 890 x 3803218
28U438 x 1246 x 3803236

Bộ điều khiển hình ảnh Video Wall Controller TRICOLOR SERVER SmartKake V2-UH

Video InputDVISignal FormatDual-link DVIImage ProcessingImage Rotating90°, 180°,270, Mirroring
Connector24+5 Pin/DVI-I (Digital Only)
Resolution1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30HzBezel CompensationYes
HDMISignal FormatHDMI 1.4Overlap CreationYes
ConnectorHDMI TYPE AControlSerial PortRS232
Resolution1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30HzEthernetTCP/IP
Display PortSignal FormatDisplayPort 1.1EnvironmentTemperature0°C-40°C
Connector24+5 Pin/DVI-I (Digital Only)Humidity10%-90%
Resolution1920×1080@60Hz, 2560×1600@60Hz, 3840×2160@30HzDimension225(W) * 45(H) * 200 (D) mm
Video OutputDVISignal FormatDVI-IPower Supply12V, 3.3A
Connector24+5 Pin/DVI-IMount Rack1U Mount Rack Accessories Available
Resolution1024×768@60Hz ~ 1920×1080@60HzMTBF50000h

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